19 Feb 2011

Digital Storytelling Webinar by Shelley Terrell - TESOL Lecture

Shelley's Digital Storytelling Resources from http://technology4kids.pbworks.com/DigitalStorytelling

  1. Shelly's Digital Storytelling Presentation Resources
    1. Slideshow of the Presentation
    2. Download the Hand-Outs from the Presentation!
      1. *Elements of the Story- Hand-out by Kevin Hodgson
      2. *Character Development- Hand-out by Kevin Hodgson
      3. *Storyboarding- Hand-out by Kevin Hodgson
      4. *Storyboarding- Hand-out by Bernajean Porter
    3. Videos Featured in the Presentation
      1. *A Short Love Story in Stop Motion by Carlos Lascano
      2. *How A Short Love Story was Created
      3. *Chiarastella- Stop Motion Film by Raffaella Traniello's class
      4. *How Chiarastella was Created
      5. *How to create stopmotion claymation films using PowerPoint by Maryna Badenhorst.
    4. Featured Tools/ Websites from the Presentation!
      1. *Creaza
      2. *VoiceThread for Educators
      3. *Storybird
      4. *Vimeo
      5. *Claymation Resources from Maryna Badenhorst
      6. *Stop Motion Resources from Kevin Hodgson
  2. Useful Resources for Creating Digital Stories
    1. How to Websites:
      1. *Me and My Movie
      2. *Creating Digital Video Projects with Bare Bones Equipment
      3. *Lightning Bug- Write A Story from Beginning to End
      4. *Digital Directors Guild
      5. *Open Thinking Wiki by Alec Couros
      6. *How to Make a Talking Story Book
      7. *How to Make a Little Reader Starring the Student by Jason Renshaw
      8. *17 Stop Motion Video Examples and Resources by Shelly Terrell
      9. *Free Digital Storytelling How to E-book by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano
      10. *Digital Storytelling Tool Reviews by David Kapular
    2. Creative Commons Sources:
      1. *Primary Access- Create a story online & storyboard with creative common pictures
      2. *PhotoXpress
      3. *CCMixter- Creative Common Music & Songs
      4. *Freesound- Creative Common Sound Clips
      5. *Best Online Sources for Images by Larry Ferlazzo
      6. *Copyright Friendly Wiki
      7. *30+ Places to Find Creative Commons Media
  3. Several Digital Storytelling Tools by Ozge Karaoglu

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