27 Sep 2011

CH3B- Unit 9

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26 Sep 2011

25 Sep 2011

CH1B- Unit 8

Food: Fruit & Vegetables

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CH1B- Unit 7 - FOOD & DRINKS

CH1B- Unit 7 - FOOD & DRINKS 

Food & Drinks

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Phonics Time - "s" or "z"

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24 Sep 2011


Let's learn the family members

Source: http://www.languageguide.org/english/vocabulary/family/

22 Sep 2011

CH3B- Unit 8


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Online Exercise

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CH3B- Unit 7

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Phonics Time

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21 Sep 2011

JU 2B - Summaries

UNIT 5 – Part 1
Emma was late for the training. Kathy phoned her but she wasn’t at home. Kathy saw her at break yesterday. Emma finally arrived and the girls started to exercise with Andrew. They thought it was really difficult. Andrew told Kathy that she was a natural athlete! Later Emma told David she was tired because she'd exercised for two hours. She did some exercise, ran for an hour, trained at the gym and did press-ups. She complained that Andrew was very rude. He shouted and insulted them. But Kathy likes him and thinks he’s fantastic.

UNIT - 5 Part 2
Jack doesn’t see Mr. Price because he made a scratch on his car on Saturday. Mr. Price didn’t get angry with Jack because he didn’t see it but Kathy is really angry with him. She thinks he was dishonest and she doesn’t like dishonest people. To make the situation worse, Andrew heard Jack saying what he did to Mr. Price’s car.

UNIT 6 - Part 1      
Andrew is a nasty character and he doesn’t like the fact that Jack had to give him his Dunston Bulls basketball to keep Andrew from telling Mr. Price about the scratch on his car. David thinks Andrew’s going to make more problems for Jack. Jack himself must tell Mr. Price about the scratch.

UNIT 6 - Part 2 
Emma and Jessica are really angry with Andrew. He’s rude and bad-tempered. He says they must go to all training sessions, they must go to bed at 10 o’clock every night, they mustn’t go to bed late and they must eat healthy food: they mustn’t eat junk food. They all think that’s ridiculous, except Kathy. Kathy thinks Andrew is great and he likes her. Emma and Jessica think Kathy is mad.

UNIT 7- Part 1
David and Jack are talking about girls. They were training with Andrew at the sports centre yesterday. They train every day but Kathy wasn’t training on Tuesday. She was getting sponsors for the run. Jack is sad because Andrew was with her. He invites David to get some sponsors at the shopping centre. They meet Kathy there but she doesn’t want to talk to Jack. She tells Andrew that Jack is pathetic. Andrew is very happy. He loves making problems for Jack.

UNIT 7- Part 2
The training was terrible for Jessica and Emma. They could do the running but they couldn’t do the press-ups. Emma can’t understand why Andrew is helping them. They don’t like Andrew and Andrew doesn’t like them. Emma thinks he likes Kathy but Jessica tells her that he doesn’t. Andrew was talking to some friends at school and Kathy could hear him. He said he wanted to make problems for Jack and Kathy. Poor Kathy! She really likes Andrew.

UNIT 8 - Part 1
Emma feels they must tell Kathy about Andrew’s real intentions but Jessica doesn’t agree with Emma. She thinks Kathy won’t listen to them and she will be angry. Later Kathy, Emma and Jessica go to the High Street talking to a woman when the girls appear. Kathy tries to get the woman to sponsor their run. Jack is angry because he was talking to the woman before they arrived. They start arguing and make the woman drop all her shopping. The woman thinks they are mad.

UNIT 8 - Part 2
The girls and the boys feel really bad after the incident with the woman on the High Street. They want to understand what’s wrong with them. Emma starts saying that Andrew is responsible for their fights. Kathy gets really angry and sys that Emma is jealous and that they are not her friends anymore. Later Kathy comes back to apologize. She knows they are right about Andrew. They decide to stop fighting. They shouldn’t be separate teams. They should as a team, the Friends United. Kathy apologizes to Jack, too. Jack tells her she’s right about one thing: he should tell Mr. Price about the scratch on his car.

UNIT 9 - Part 1
It’s the day of the run. Jack is not here. Emma and Kathy are worried. If Jack is late, he won’t start the run. What they don’t know is that Jack is at Mr. Price’s house apologizing for the scratch he made on his car. Mr. Price forgives Jack. Andrew starts talking to Kathy. He says Jack is afraid of the run and that he’ll be surprised if Jack finishes the run. Kathy interrupts his nasty comments. She tells him to his face that she knows what he was up to. She tells him to go away. They all get on their marks and the run starts.

UNIT 9 - Part 2
It was a very difficult race. Jessica was tired. She thought she couldn’t finish it. They all supported and encouraged her. About half a mile to go Jack fell off his bike, hurt his leg and he couldn’t walk anymore. Jessica and Kathy helped him. And they did it. They finished the race together, as a team. Congratulations, Friends United!

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